Low-Carb Zoodles/Courgetti with Sicilian Trapanese Pesto

  I've hung out in Trapani, Sicily, a lot this year, where this authentic and summery Trapanese Pesto sauce is traditionally served with local busiate pasta. The pesto itself - bursting deliciously with garlicky olive oil, tomatoes and toasted almonds - is low-carb. So here I'm keeping it that way by serving it with courgetti/zoodles … Continue reading Low-Carb Zoodles/Courgetti with Sicilian Trapanese Pesto

Travel in Pictures: A Quick Trip to Trapani, Sicily, to Attend My Photography Prize-Giving

This article is all about the flying 48-hour visit I made last week to Trapani, north west Sicily, to attend the award ceremony for the Instagram photography competition for which I was one of the winners there last month. Trapani's less on the tourist trail than some Sicilian cities. And that's just one of the reasons why Trapani's totally worth a visit of at least a few days if you're planning a trip to Sicily.

Cassata Siciliana – Italy’s most exciting cake! Includes the exclusive recipe given to me by the Villa Ducale boutique hotel, Taormina, Sicily

I haven't got a very sweet tooth. But I still think the cake, Cassata Siciliana, is one of the most wondrous foods on the planet! In this article, I'm not only telling you what it is, but also sharing with you the exclusive Cassata Siciliana recipe given to me by the Villa Ducale boutique hotel in Taormina, Sicily.

Travel in MOVING Pictures: Videos of The Trapani Misteri Procession 2018 – Sicily, Italy

A few days ago I published my favourite photographs that I'd taken over Easter of the beautiful and moving Misteri procession in Trapani, Sicily. But to experience it in full, you need to hear the wonderfully funereal music, and to see the movement too (the 'annacata' waddle of the people processing)! So here's some of my short videos of the Trapani Misteri Procession 2018. They were taken on 30 and 31 March, mostly from the balcony of the Ai Lumi hotel in Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

Travel In Pictures: The Trapani Misteri Procession 2018 – Sicily, Italy

Over Easter, I was awestruck to experience the beautiful and moving Trapani Misteri procession in Sicily. Here are my favourite pictures I took of the procession, the bands, the spectators - and the other people who made it happen. I do hope people in Trapani who took part in the procession - as well as my other readers - may enjoy these pictures