Happy 1st Blogging Birthday to Santé Bon Viveur! – review of the first year

It's Santé Bon Viveur's 1st blogging birthday!! It's been a whole year since - with massive trepidation - I first pressed the 'Publish' button and sent a blog post out into the world. I wanted to say a huge 'thank you' to everyone who's supported me this year - by following, reading, sharing, and commenting on this blog, and by trying out my recipes and giving feedback. And I couldn't let this milestone go by without marking it with a round-up of the year. So here's some highlights and successes; some things I've learned; some info about Santé Bon Viveur's readership; plus some handy links to everything I've published so far organised by category. So you might find something useful in this article if: - You follow me for one type of post - maybe low-carb recipes, or travel writing - and you want to find links to everything in that category, simply listed in one place. - If you're a new blogger - or thinking about becoming one, or setting up some other website - and want to hear about some of the challenges I've overcome, and new things I've had to learn, in my first year.