Travel In Pictures: 7 Must-sees in Muscat – 7. The Chedi Hotel, Muscat

Ooooh, hello – I’m delighted you’ve joined me again for the final day of 7 must-sees in Muscat, Oman! Thanks so much for sticking with it. I really hope the pictures have interested and inspired you, and given you some insight into the beauty, people and culture of this wonderful city, whether or not you ever intend to visit. For the final day, the 7th must-see place I’m taking you to is the stunning, tranquil Chedi Hotel, Muscat.

Should I really be suggesting a hotel as a must-see place, amongst all the cultural landmarks, architecture and souqs that I’ve been showing you around in the rest of this series? Hmmm, it’s debatable. And of course, I realise the Chedi isn’t cheap, and so is perhaps less accessible, and certainly not for every day (although I would also say that for the quality, it’s not expensive either).

But if you like to indulge in an occasional bit of high-end luxury, and/or have a special occasion coming up, I can say without a doubt that the Chedi is a completely knock-out place to really, really get away from it all, against a simple and ravishing Arabian backdrop.

So I couldn’t resist sharing the pictures below with you. And for myself, I just have to look at them to be transported back to Arabia and calm-land. I do hope you will also enjoy them and, perhaps even without having visited, get a sense of its beautiful Arabic calmness too.

Overall, the Chedi is full-on 5 star luxury, and you don’t have to stay there to experience it. Non-guests, as well as people staying there, can use its large spa, restaurant and bar (but note that the pools and beach are restricted to residents). And it’s also one of the only places in Muscat, as an Islamic city, where alcohol can be served to non-Muslims.

The staff, especially the concierge guys, are fantastically friendly and knowledgeable, and nothing is too much trouble. For instance, they helped me organise a personalised tour by car around the city’s main sites.

The Chedi’s spa and dazzling 103-metre long pool both overlook the Gulf of Oman. And its exquisitely beautiful infinity pools run right up to the edge of its private beach, providing a massively relaxing and, for me, visually poetic escape. I’m certainly not a beach person, and you don’t have to be, just to bathe in, and appreciate, the serenity of it all.

If you choose to visit the Chedi, then its located outside the centre of the busy city, but near enough to ride in by taxi for a night out in Mutrah, or to go shopping in one of Muscat’s large shopping malls, in about 15 minutes or so. Or if you’re staying elsewhere, you can easily catch a taxi to The Restaurant at the Chedi for a special meal based on Arabian and international cuisine.

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