I’ve Won a Photography Competition in Sicily!!

Hurrah!! I got official notification today that my blog photo below is one of three winners in a photography competition in Sicily! I am sooooo delighted!


Photography competition in Sicily


The Photography Competition

The photography competition was run on Instagram by the Pro Loco Trapani Centro tourism partnership in the city of Trapani, Sicily, and the Sicilian Tourist Board Visit Sicily.

Entrants were invited to submit photos on Instagram of the 2018 historical Easter Misteri Procession, which is held every year in Trapani. You may remember that you’ve already seen my photo above as part of my blog post of photos of the procession. And it was also the lead photo for my blog containing videos of the procession.

I came third in the competition. I was the only international winner. The first prize went to a fabulous photo by a professional photographer and editor from Trapani itself. And second prize went to another great photo by an Italian entrant. Here’s a link to my own win on Proloco Trapani Centro’s Instagram.

If Google Translate has got it right(!), then a ‘jury of experts’ considered photos of the Misteri Easter procession in Trapani for ‘originality and interpretation of the theme and aesthetics, quality and artistic sense of the photo’.

So I am very happy indeed with that!! I’ve been working on my photography and photo editing a lot this year, and this is a fabulous gift for my first anniversary as a blogger (tomorrow!).

The Prizes

The three of us all get the same prizes. They’re a plaque, a book on gastronomic culture, and a lesson in local cuisine by the Nuara Centre of Gastronomic Culture in Trapani! So all completely up my street then! I am so excited. Look out for another blog post in future on all of that!

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