From Bean-To-Bar & Beyond: 8. What’s New in Chocolate?: Unusual Cocoa Beans!

To wrap up my miniseries about what's new in bean-to-bar craft chocolate, here's some news about chocolate being made with very unusual cocoa beans. In fact, one of these chocolates is made from beans that aren't cocoa at all! This post brings to an end my mini-series on what's new in chocolate. It will also be the last 'From Bean-to-Bar & Beyond' post for a while, although that will continue as an occasional series. Look forward to a complete change with some very visual blogging about some completely different topics in my next few posts.

From Bean-To-Bar & Beyond: 7. What’s New in Chocolate: Is Unsweetened Dark Milk Chocolate the Next Big Thing?

What's the next big thing in chocolate going to be? I mean really big? Salted caramel big?! What I'm hearing is it just might be unsweetened dark milk chocolate! If you like dark chocolate, and want to reduce your sugar intake, then you might just be ready to try unsweetened dark milk chocolate.

From Bean-To-Bar & Beyond: 6. What’s New in Chocolate: Craft Chocolate Bars Containing Alternative Milks And Sweeteners

When I started researching what's new in chocolate for this blog miniseries, I was astounded at just how many craft chocolate bars containing alternative milks and sweeteners are around now. And the types of milk and sweetener used are going to make a big difference to the taste of a craft chocolate bar whose only other ingredient is cocoa beans. If you're lactose/cows' milk intolerant; avoiding over-processed sugars in your diet; or just fancy trying something quirky and new; then you might want to look out for some of the craft chocolate bars containing alternative milks and sweeteners that I talk about here.

From Bean-To-Bar & Beyond: 5. What’s New in Chocolate: ‘Raw’ & ‘Virgin’ Chocolate

Against the backdrop of a growing raw food movement, it's not uncommon now to see 'raw' chocolate on shop shelves alongside regular chocolate. That is, at least in health food stores in big cities. But what exactly is 'raw' chocolate? What on earth is 'virgin' chocolate?!! And where can you buy them? Find out in this next post in this week's miniseries about what's new in chocolate.

From Bean-To-Bar & Beyond: 4. What’s New in Chocolate: Experiments in Cocoa Bean Fermentation

What's groundbreaking in chocolate right now? What's the next big thing going to be? This is the first of several posts this week about what's new in chocolate. They cover what are no doubt only a handful of fascinating global chocolate innovations from the last few years. Some of the chocolates are rare, and/or won't be to everyone's taste. But if you're an adventurous chocolate connoisseur and you can find them, you might well want to give some of them a go!

From Bean-to-Bar & Beyond: 3. How to Become a Chocolate Maker

Have you always dreamt of a career change? Want to become a chocolate maker, but don't know how to start? And how do you make great chocolate, and become commercially successful? In this third blog in my 'From Bean-to-Bar & Beyond' series, here's what one chocolate maker told me about how he started his company. 

From Bean-to-Bar & Beyond: 2. Craft Chocolate Making

Welcome to the second of my 'From Bean-to-Bar & Beyond' blogs, all about really good quality craft chocolate. In this one I give you the info about how craft chocolate making happens, as told to me by Conner Haines, owner of the UK-based Mayhawk company. And if you want to read my first blog instalment about ingredients in chocolate alongside this, you can find it here.

From Bean-to-Bar & Beyond: 1. Ingredients in Chocolate

I can't tell you how excited I get about really good quality bean-to-bar chocolate! But what exactly goes into it to make it so good? I visited Conner Haines' craft chocolate factory - Mayhawk - to find out. This article is just the first instalment of my 'From Bean-to-Bar & Beyond' series running for the rest of this month. It'll give you the answers to questions including: how is craft chocolate made from bean-to-bar? How do you become a chocolate maker? What's the next big thing in chocolate going to be? And many more.

Recipe for Low Carb Flourless Chocolate Cake

Welcome to chocolate month on Santé Bon Viveur! Dive with me here into a deliciously indulgent chocolate cake. It's low-carb, gluten-free, nut-free, and vegetarian, with no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners. But all that virtue doesn't come at the expense of decadence!

Low-Carb 101: Erythritol Natural Sugar Substitute – All You Need To Know

If you're trying to reduce sugar in your diet, erythritol is a fabulous 'next generation' calorie-free and carb-free sugar substitute, and a naturally-derived product. I use it loads in my recipes when I'm cooking something low-carb or keto. Read on to learn the basics - about exactly what it is and where to get it - and on its health profile and how to use it.