HAPPY EASTER: Recipe for White Chocolate Sauce for Fish

White chocolate sauce for fish recipe

Here’s an unusual chocolate recipe of my own devising that you might fancy trying over the Easter weekend. My recipe for White Chocolate Sauce for Fish is super simple, and can be whipped-up in just a few minutes. It’s best served with oily fish – salmon in particular. It’s sweetness both cuts through, and complements, the oily fish flavours fantastically and surprisingly well. This sauce is gluten free and low-medium carb.

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I came up with this recipe when I realised I’d invited friends round for dinner during Santé Bon Viveur’s recent Chocolate Month. So I set myself the challenge of devising a menu in which all three courses contained some chocolate!

I’d already experienced a menu like this myself, having eaten twice previously at Hotel Chocolat’s Rabot 1745 restaurant in foodie heaven Borough Market in London, UK. I particularly remembered the wonderful white chocolate mashed potato, which was creamy with just the right hint of sweetness, and deservedly a bestseller on their menu.

For my dinner with friends I wanted to serve a fish main course, as one of my guests was flexitarian (mostly vegetarian, but she will also eat fish). I eventually designed this recipe and served it with salmon steaks as the main course, after I’d discovered from some research that white chocolate goes really well with oily fish.

And I can report that it really really does. Surprisingly well in fact!

If you taste-test this White Chocolate Sauce for Fish on its own before serving, then you’re likely, as I did, to find it to be quite sweet. And you might wonder if it’s really going to work. But please trust me, when served with the oily fish, it does. The sweet white chocolate combines with the more acidic white wine and lemon juice, and the salted butter, to transform salmon steaks into a surprising and lovely sweet and sour dish.

I was still a little nervous on the night about whether my guests would like White Chocolate Sauce for Fish. But I’m delighted to say that they loved it. And I could tell by their faces, tone of voice, and enthusiastic scoffing, that they weren’t just being kind!

To maximise creaminess, and to ensure the resulting sauce isn’t too sweet, for preference, choose white chocolate with a high cocoa butter content. By high, I mean white chocolate that’s around 30% cocoa butter. That means more cocoa content, and a bit less sugar. I happened to be in Borough Market, so was able to pick some up from an independent chocolate maker there. But Green and Black’s is easily available (in the US and UK), and has cocoa butter content of 30%.


Although this sauce has a creamy mouthfeel, it is relatively thin. It does thicken up as it gets cooler, as the chocolate and butter fats start to resolidify. But I suggest you might want to serve your fish with something to soak up the juices. That might be some fresh spinach stir-fried in a little butter, say, if you’re watching the carbs. And/or some new or mashed potatoes or rice if you aren’t.

If you’ve got any White Chocolate Sauce for Fish left over, you can keep it in the fridge for several days.


Nutritional Information

At 11.3g of carbs per serving, you could incorporate this recipe occasionally into a low-carb (but not keto) eating plan.

Per Serving (¼ of the recipe) White Chocolate Sauce for Fish
Carbs (minus fibre, counted separately) 11.3g
Kcal 222
Protein  1.6g
Fat  17.5g
Fibre  0.1g

Figures calculated using verified nutritional info on MyFitnessPal and using the metric (not US cup) measurements in the recipe 


Recipe: White Chocolate Sauce for Fish


  • 75g/½ cup good quality white chocolate, preferably containing around 30% cocoa butter (e.g. Green and Blacks)
  • 100ml/½ cup white wine
  • 50g/¼ cup salted butter
  • Juice of a lemon



1. Salmon steaks (if that’s what you’re having this with) usually take around 15-20 minutes in the oven.

2. While your fish is cooking, simply put all the White Chocolate Sauce for Fish ingredients into a small saucepan, and stir over a low-medium heat for a few minutes.

3. The sauce is done, and ready to serve, once the butter and white chocolate have completely dissolved.

4. Pour the sauce into a serving jug, and then let people pour it over their fish themselves


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